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It is difficult to summarise 30 years of work in the wide, inscrutable and different sectors of chemistry. Despite this, below you will find a selection of company challenges where Mimer has been able to assist with valid outcomes for the companies involved.




"Company A" generated several tons of waste classified as hazardous.

which resulted in expensive fees.

Mimer was able to thoroughly assess the situation and develop a more efficient work strategy to reduce the hazardous waste production by 90%, keeping within the company’s budget



"Company C" needed to transform their production to a more modern and sustainable manufacturing chain. In the HHC and Cosmetics production, Mimer

Mimer reduced energy and water consumption by over 50% and the total environmental impact was reduced by over 95%.



“Company E" had a number of different challenges. In one instance, Mimer adjusted and optimised the frame formulations and the safety margins by reducing 50% of the actives, while retaining product performance. Mimer also made adjustments to optimise the workflow during product manufacturing, which lead to a reduction of the environmental impact by 75-80% and a raw material cost reduction of 25%.



"Company B" formulated a very potent product. Unfortunately, soon after the market entry, it was found to be unstable. Mimer solved the problem of instability by adjusting the preservative concentrations and removing disruptive components in the formula. In a nick of time the company went from "no sale - to wholesale".



"Company D" needed to find a more sustainable way to manage their water wastage. By introducing a new technique, Mimer reduced the water consumption to zero and improve/upscale the chemical practice by 75%, which resulted in an increased yield of 10-15% of the primary products.


Regulatory & Legislation

"Company F" wanted to get their products onto the EU market as quickly as possible. Mimer secured the entire legislation and regulatory supply chain from A-Z. This resulted in the company's go-to-market timeframe being reduced by 11 months.


Organic Certification

Organic certification, especially the COSMOS standard, is a field of true expertise for us at Mimer. Our CEO, Tom Hornshøj-Møller was on the board of experts setting the standard in 2010. Due to this in-house expertise, the often time-consuming and complex process becomes seamless and cost-efficient.


"Long before "sustainability" was on the agenda, we made a patent on upcycling waste when removing sulfur from emissions during power/heat extraction. The product was used as cat-litter with excellent performance. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to see if your waste can be re or upcycled!"

                                                                                                             – Tom Hornshøj-Møller

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